FOREST CITY | Aug. 26 was National Dog Day, so Tiffany Thomazin, activity director at Good Samaritan Society-Forest City, decided to celebrate by holding a dog show for the residents.

It was a hit with the 28 residents who attended.

“It was one of the best special activities we have ever had," Marilyn Heimdal said.

Good Samaritan employees brought in their dogs for the show. Each owner talked about their dog and had the dog do tricks.

The residents voted for the winners.

“I liked all of the dogs – they were precious!" Delores Steinfeldt said. It was interesting to see the different varieties, and they were all so well behaved.”

Because they always had dogs on the farm, Marie Herndon said she loved every minute of the show and felt a special kinship with the dogs and their owners.

Ashley Mikula’s dog, Bilbo, won first place. He is a greyhound/Irish wolfhound mix and showed his howling and dancing talents.

Second place went to Gunner, an English bulldog owned by Thomazin. Gunner danced and did “High 5’s” with Thomazin.

Melissa Bengston’s dog, Josie, gave kisses and also did High 5’s. 

Ione Erickson was very appreciative of the work that went into the program.

“I admired the employees for coming in on their day off and sharing their dogs with us. Everyone enjoyed the show," she said.

Thomazin was pleased with the turnout and success of the program.

“A lot of work and planning goes into special activities, but it’s all worth it if the residents have fun," she said.

Barbara Devries works in marketing and resource development for the Good Samaritan Society-Forest City.