English 3 students at Good Samaritan

Forest City High School student Micah Lambert takes his turn telling jokes to residents of the Good Samaritan Center. Pictured in the background are students Jacob Schmidt and Makenzie Schmidt.

FOREST CITY | Where does Santa go when he gets sick?

An elf center.

That was just one of the holiday-themed jokes students in the English 3 class at Forest City High School told residents at the Good Samaritan Center recently.

Groups of students visited the nursing home throughout the day on Dec. 19 to take turns telling jokes in the dining hall where residents gathered. 

"I had to go first so I was really nervous," said Natalie Jefson. 

Both Jefson and Makayla Kingland found their jokes on the internet.

"Some of them were bad," Kingland said.

Although not all the jokes landed with the audience, both Kingland and Jefson were pleased with how things went.

"I liked that we could get them to laugh," Jefson said.

Kingland said it was good to get involved at the nursing home and "make sure they have a good holiday."

English 3 instructor Scott Bertelsen said the students' coming to Good Samaritan helps bridge the gap between youth and senior citizens.

"Some students may not have much contact with the elderly. This helps them realize that they can relate to each other through humor," he said.

The presentation was excellent, according to resident Eunice Schoenwetter.

"These are the type of jokes that I enjoy," she said.

Jan Missman said she and the other residents appreciated the students spending some time with them "and leaving some humor with us."

“It means a lot to the residents that the students share their time and talents with them," said Tiffany Thomazin, activity coordinator at Good Shepherd. "It brightens everyone’s day.”


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