(Editor's note: Over the next few weeks, we will feature papers from students in Forest City High School's English III class)

Bright lights, fancy cars, and main street, those are things anyone can find in the city. However, in the country people can see wondrous aspects of nature like: cattle, crops, and creeks. Either way people prefer one of these types of places to live. Personally, I would rather life in the country, and I’m going to tell everyone why. First, people get to see more of nature. Second, everyone can have a lot of fun without being interrupted by neighbors or the police; and third, there’s more land to do fun activities on.

In the country, residents can see a variety of beauties that can only be seen from the countryside, and nowhere else. For example, in the country, people can see long rows of landscapes covered in gorgeous green grass. Whereas in the cities, everyone is stuck looking at miles of houses and cold cement sidewalks. Also, in the country, people can see rows of strong sturdy trees that turn a variety of colors. While in the cities, all anyone sees is dead grass and stumps where trees use to stand.

Another example of why I would say living in the country is better is people can have more fun. For example, no one can ride dirt bikes, four wheelers, or snowmobiles through the cities. However, anyone can do all this and more in the country. People also don’t have to worry about the police coming and telling everyone to stop what they’re doing. Anyone can shoot off fireworks, throw smoke bombs, and have big fires without the police even coming close to the house.

The last example of why living in the country is better is people have so much more land to do exhilarating activities on. For example, if I were to go outside in a city, I would have a smaller backyard than someone in the country. In the country, I would have an entire acre or two as my backyard. That gives someone a lot more room to do things like play kickball, dodgeball, football, tag, and hide n seek. Kids also won’t have to worry about losing any footballs, dodgeballs, or kickballs in a neighbor's yard.

In conclusion, living in the country is better than living in the cities because people can see more of nature, have more fun without cops interrupting them, and have more land to do activities on. Also, because the country has more wildlife and other extravagant beauties, residents can have friends and family come over whenever they please; to enjoy a great day or night.