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FOREST CITY | The Annual Fine Arts Awards were given at Forest City High School on Tuesday, May 8.

Awards were given in band, choir, drama and speech.

The winners in each division were as follows:


Outstanding Choral Students - Freshmen - Elijah Weaver & Christana Archer; Sophomores - Micaiah Krutsinger and Meggie Kleveland; Juniors - Ian Bennett and Josie Edel.

Iowa Choral Directors Association "Senior" Award - Emily Sichanthongthip, Josiah Kleveland and Danica Bang.

National Choral Award - Madison Kleveland


Outstanding Awards - Laura Harms, Devin Alamsya, Jasmine Sanasinh, Drake Bang, Ally Larson and Seth Gayther.

IBA Award of Merit - Hannah Buffington, Madeline Sarasio Meyer, Stephanie Nettleton, Jaden Alamsya, Wyatt Steffensen and Jacob Welton.

 John Philip Sousa - Shaden Tweeten.


Freshmen - Elijah Alsop, Elijah Weaver and Alex Brahm

Sophomores - Meggie Kleveland, Olivia Sarasio Meyer and Micaiah Krutsinger

Juniors - Josie Edel and Micah Lambert

Seniors - Madeline Sarasio Meyer, Chris Jermeland and Shaden Tweeten


Shaden Tweeten and Madeline Sarasio Meyer were both honored with Outstanding Senior Speaker. Participants receiving a Bronze Letter were Sarah Hovinga, Josie Edel, Ellie Reece, Ryan Theel, Madison Kleveland, Natalie Jefson, Sam Redinger, Meggie Kleveland, and Danica Bang.  

Students receiving a Varsity Letter for the first time were Sophia Kudej, Payton Shepard, Olivia Sarasio Meyer, and Micaiah Krutsinger. Students who did not letter but participated in speech this year were Brice Golwitzer, Skylar Hall, Isabel Buffington, Calvin Aberg, Matthew Rossmiller, Rachel Vogt, Elijah Alsop, Alec Hill, Christana Archer, Madi Korthals, Micah Lambert, Jessa Loges, Laura Buffington, Vicky Chen, Andrew Olson, Elsa Yeager, Greta Oulman, Hailey O’Toole, Olivia Gibbs, Isabel Redinger, Maria Vazquez, Drake Bang, Jo Kudej, Anna Lehmann, Levi Wood, Crisia Doroteo, Gabe Staudt, Thone Golwitzer, and Abby Wirtjes.  

Speech Officers this year were Ellie Reece, Sophia Kudej, Josie Edel, Sarah Hovinga, Maria Vazquez, and Crisia Doroteo.

The students who performed at the Individual All-State Speech Festival were Sarah Hovinga, Shaden Tweeten, and Madison Kleveland. Those who performed at the Large Group All-State Speech Festival were Christana Archer, Brady Anderson, Devin Alamsya, Ivy Olson, Alexandria Brahm, Olivia Gayther, Ethan Suby, Savanna Rocha, and Alec Hill.

Seniors who participated in speech this year were Cole Anderson, Danica Bang, Laura Buffington, Thone Golwitzer, Morgan Hobbs, GT Howd, Chris Jermeland, Madison Kleveland, Josef Kudej, Spenser Larson, Carena Lechuga, Estrella Mata, Sam Redinger, Madeline Sarasio Meyer, Ryan Theel, Ethan Torkelson, Shaden Tweeten, Makayla Vogt, and Jacob Welton.  

The Outstanding Actors for theatre were freshmen - Elijah Weaver and Alex Brahm, sophomores - Micaiah Krutsinger, Olivia Sarasio Meyer, and Meggie Kleveland, junior - Micah Lambert, Josie Edel, seniors -  Shaden Tweeten, Chris Jermeland  and Madeline Sarasio Meyer.


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