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FOREST CITY | The Forest City Education Foundation had its annual scholarship awards night May 9 in the high school auditorium.

Approximately 180 scholarships were handed out during the night totaling over $400,000, a new record for the foundation.

Seniors also received several awards presented by the high school at that ceremony.

The following awards and scholarships along with the recipients are listed below:

Carole Anderson Memorial Scholarship - Hannah Anderson

Jenkins Family Scholarship - Dylan Jenkins

Dave Draheim Memorial Scholarship - Francesca Wasicek, Caidyn Kruse and Carter Stevens

Nyhus Family Agricultural Enrichment Scholarship - Hannah Buffington

Nyhus Family Scholarship - Brea Dillavou

The Carson Family Scholarship in Memory of Paul and James - Jesse Brock

Graphic Design/Marketing Scholarship - Jacob Tendall

Randy and Tracy Broesder Family Scholarship - Easton Jacobs and Jaden Alamsya

Forest City Farmers' Coop Scholarship - Cole Anderson, Shayne Hoeft and Johanna Juveland

The Reece Family Scholarship - Sydney Pederson

The Wilson Family - Becca Seglem

Larry W. Lovick Scholarship - Jesse Brock

Raymond Stark Memorial Scholarship - Shaden Tweeten and Jaden Alamsya

Kimberly Hope Jordal Memorial Madeline - Sarasio Meyer

Wally & Marj Felland - Thone Golwitzer

Dr. Laila Buck Scholarship - Sydney Pederson

FC Breakfast Lions Scholarship - Danica Bang

Hagen Woman Entrepreneur Scholarship - Johanna Juveland

The Pillars Scholarship - Becca Selgem

The Odvin Hagen Music Scholarship - Josiah Kleveland

The Odvin Hagen Performing Arts Scholarship - Makayla Vogt

Robert and Gail Kuefler Scholarship - Matthew Petersen and Francesca Wasicek

Zirbel Family - Cameron Lowry

Winnebago Industries Foundation - Ethan Torkelson, Shaden Tweeten, Emily Sichanthongthip, Callie McQuown, Makayla Vogt, Tanner Greenwood, Johanna Juveland, Rebecca Bruns, Thone Golwitzer, Phoebe Kozitza, David Shipman, Nathaniel Diekhuis, Carter Stevens, Caleb Stevens and Timothy Buck

Russ Piehl Memorial Scholarship - Carena Lechuga

LeDonna R. Durant Scholarship - Rebecca Bruns

Durant Foundation Scholarship - Sydney Pederson

Lyle and Velma Jefson Family Memorial Scholarship - Danica Bang

Hobbs Family Memorial - Morgan Hobbs & Madeline Sarasio Meyer

Bob and Ruth Johnson Scholarship - Samuel Snyder

Denny Lovick Memorial Scholarship - Anna Andersen

U.S. Army Reserve National Athlete Recognition - Jaxon Jones and Brea Dillavou

United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award - Spenser Larson

United States Marine Corps Semper Fi Award for Musical Excellence - Jaden Alamsya

United States Marine Distiguished Athlete Awards - Grady Hovenga and Hannah Buffington

Elsie Marie Johnson - Shaden Tweeten and Spenser Larson

Colby Schleuger Class of 2020 Memorial Scholarship - Chance Stohr, Phoebe Kozitza and Tim Buck

Paddlers Giving Back Scholarship - Wyatt Steffensen

Eugene Morris Evening Lions Scholarship - Christopher Jermeland

Worth County Development Association (WCDA) - Anna Andersen, Danica Bang, Matthew Bruns, Cameron Lowry, Stephanie Nettleton, Paul Olson, Samuel Redinger, Fransesca Wasicek and Cassandra Munson

Nathan "Nap" Arne Military Scholarship - Josiah Kleveland

Holland Contracting Scholarships - Makayla Vogt, Jacob Balsley and William McCloskey

Benson/Torkelson Memorial Scholarship - Jesse Brock

Mike and Jean O'Rourke Appreciation Scholarship - Shaden Tweeten

Harvey & Barbara Johnson Family Scholarship - Paul Olson

Nelson/Straks Family Scholarship - Gregorey Howd

The Daniel Ingram Memorial Scholarship - Samuel Snyder

Clifford and Merna Torkelson - Christopher Jeremland

Ron & Hope Lichtsinn Scholarship - Hannah Buffington, Hannah Anderson and Laura Buffington

Doug and Donna Jackson Family Scholarship - Estrella Mata

Jim and Chrys Velky Family Scholarship - Hannah Siddell

Frakes Family Scholarship - Christopher Jermeland

Steve & Nancy Olson Family Scholarship - Josiah Kleveland

Don and Edell Westerberg "Make Something of Yourself: Scholarship - Stephanie Nettleton

Tom Nessa Memorial Scholarship - Shaden Tweeten

Lynn Hill Memorial Scholarship - Laura Buffington

Forest City Breakfast Lions Denny Lovick Memorial Scholarship - Jacob Tendall

Masonic Lodge Scholarship - Makayla Vogt and Samuel Snyder

Nate Wicker Memorial Scholarship - Christopher Jermeland

DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award - Shayne Hoeft

Prairie Brand Seed FFA Scholarship - Jesse Brock

Forest FFA Scholarship sponsored by Minntex Citrus Endowment - Morgan Hobbs

FC Veterinary Clinic FFA Scholarship - Hannah Buffington

Clarence A. Hawks Scholarship Recognition - Madison Kleveland, Spenser Larson, Shaden Tweeten, Grady Hovenga, Brea Dillavou, Ryan Theel and Hannah Anderson

Middle School Scholarship - Christopher Jermeland

Class of 1967 Bobby Davis Memorial Scholarship - Zach Pardoe and Johnanna Juveland

FCHS Class of 1977 - Shaden Tweeten and Danica Bang

Steve Olson Scholarship - Jordyn Humphrey

Oleson Family Scholarship - Wyatt Steffensen and Grady Hovenga

American Bar Association Citizenship Award & Scholarship - Morgan Hobbs

Frank Sinnard Memorial Scholarship - Becca Seglem

FC High School Resiliency Scholarship - Jarred Thompson and Thone Golwitzer

American Legion School Award and Scholarship Recognition - Christopher Jermeland

Ray Brcka Memorial Scholarship - Willam McCloskey

KIOW Scholarship - Danica Bang

Brooker Cup Award and Scholarship (Outstanding Male Athlete) - Samuel Snyder

Alfred Buckley Award (Outstanding Female Athlete) - Hannah Anderson

Hertzke Family Scholarship - Grady Hovenga

Marketing Class Scholarship - Johanna Juveland

Kirby Thompson Memorial Scholarship - William McCloskey

Rotary Waldorf University Scholarships - Makayla Vogt, Josiah Kleveland and Becca Seglem

Bernie Saggau Award - Christopher Jermeland

Farm & City Insurance Services Scholarship - Jacob Welton

Vera and Richard Hynes Scholarship - Spenser Larson

Roger Schaefer Memorial Scholarship - William Kirschbaum

Class of '88 Scholarship - Hannah Anderson

Bob & Kathy Olson Family Scholarship - Christopher Jermeland and Madison Kleveland

Kleemeier Family Scholarship - Jaden Alamsya, Noah Brown, Hannah Buffington, Matthew Petersen and Jacob Tendall

Martin & Emma Lee Nielsen Scholarship - Makayla Vogt

Ludwig Family Scholarship - Tanner Greenwood

PEO Scholarship - Madeline Sarasio Meyer

The Allan Gilberston Memorial Scholarship/The Gilby Award - Haley Lappe

Bill's Family Food Scholarship - Rebecca Bruns, Tana Hopkins, Kaitlyn Krones and Diana Schinzel

Walker Family Scholarship - Christopher Jermeland

Willig Family Scholarship - Carena Lechuga

Carol & Sandy Wagner Scholarship - Becca Seglem

College Athlete-Educator Scholarship - Hannah Anderson

Sorensen Family Scholarship - Hannah Buffington

Grunhovd Education Scholarship - Christopher Jermeland

Schnebly Family Scholarship - Wyatt Steffensen

FCHS Engineering Alumni Scholarship - Jacob Welton

Tom & Tammy Larson Family Scholarship - Hannah Buffington

Anna Harringa Nursing Scholarship - Carena Lechuga, Callie McQuown and Sydney Pederson

Bear Creek Pro-Am Scholarship - Emily Sichanthongthip and Brea Dillavou

Bill C. Fox Scholarship - Shaden Tweeten and Jaden Alamsya

Doug Book Memorial Scholarship - Estrella Mata

Philip M. Hanson Memorial Scholarship - Spenser Larson, and Hannah Buffington

Get on the Bus Staff Scholarship - Ethan Torkelson, Samuel Redinger, Jaxon Jones, Zachary Miller, Jarred Thompson, Zach Lehmann, Janalynne Robson, Nicholas Engebretson, Hannah Siddell, Roberto Reyes, Joseph Paulson, Summer Wilson, Ryan Saarie, Brandon Finch and Kimberlea Clingenpeel

Joyful Spirit Scholarship - Christopher Jermeland

TSB Bank Scholarship - Madison Kleveland and Brea Dillavou

Evening Lions Sportsmanship Award Recognition - Ryan Theel and Becca Seglem

Lee and Linda Hinkley Scholarship - Shayne Hoeft

High School Student Council Leadership Scholarship - Danica Bang

Dennis K. Brandstad Scholarship - Jacob Welton

R.W Brandstad Scholarship - Cole Anderson

E.E. Brandstad Scholarship - Jacob Tendall

Richard & Doris Putz Memorial Scholarship - Brea Dillavou

Raymond and Joan Beebe Family Scholarship - Spenser Larson, Ryan Theel and Emily Sichanthongthip

Principal's Leadership Award - Christopher Jermeland

Waldon Groves Scholarship - Cole Anderson and Dylan Jenkins

FCHS Achievement Scholarship - Jordyn Humphrey

Academic/Athletic/Arts Scholarship - Hannah Buffington

Drackley/Heidemann Family Scholarship - Ryan Theel, Hannah Anderson, Brea Dillavou and Grady Hovenga

Appointment to the United States Military Academy - Jaxon Jones

President's Award for Educational Excellence Recognition-Class of 2018 - Cole Anderson, Samuel Redinger, Jacob Tendall and Shaden Tweeten

Governor's Scholar Award Recognition - Hannah Buffington

Hanson Foundation Grants - All students

Forest City Education Academic Scholarships

Upper Ten Percent of Senior Class - Cole Anderson, Hannah Buffington, Spenser Larson, Ethan Torkelson, Jaden Alamsya, Madison Kleveland, Shaden Tweeten, Samuel Redinger, Ryan Theel and Danica Bang

Outstanding Senior Girl & Boy - Hannah Buffington and Shaden Tweeten


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