(Editor's note: Over the next few weeks, we will feature papers from students in Forest City High School's English III class)

In the world, there are many places where beauty cannot be captured in a single photograph. Many aspects can only be experienced when in the presence of nature’s refinement. Fall is one of the most alluring seasons that this world has. Pilot Knob in the fall is an astonishing place to study nature’s elegance.

The towering trees above are filled with a vast arrangement of yellows, oranges, and reds. Branches scale the trunks of the trees, slowly becoming thicker as they ascend. As the leaves ecompass the branches, they create clouds of dazzling pigments. The sun shines on the colorful clouds and can sometimes peak through. With the sun shining bright on the leaves, it casts a spell over the forest. There’s a warm hue that is emitting off of the leaves, with a few sun rays kissing the lush landscape.

The delicate leaves are either affixed to the trees or softly floating to the ground. Ombre leaves bleed from a burnt orange into a deep blood red. The crimson stain gives the leaves an uncanny depth, which creates a brilliant contrast against the burnt orange. Sunglow yellow leaves seem to come from the sun itself. Passing below them is like taking a jaunt under the cordial sun. The leaves envelope the terrain, creating a soft, crunchy carpet. While walking across nature’s tapestry the leaves collapse upon themselves. Collectively, the leaves depict only a sliver of the absolute portrait.

Standing still, the mesmerizing music of the of the forest becomes prominent. The autumn air rustling the leaves, and the faint footsteps of deer in the nearby brush create the underlying chorus. Cardinals and Robins serenade their mates with a captivating melody as a lonely Goldfinch’s call fades into abyss. The sorrowful lullaby adds to the harmonic sound. It’s the song that can’t be replicated inside the beauty that can’t be captured.

Witnessing Pilot Knob in the fall is an extraordinary experience; nothing can replicate nature’s elegance. The vibrant colors and enthralling music of the forest all add to the mysterious aura.