In Loving Memory Of: Kolton Jacob Garner

January 6, 2001 to January 25, 2004

I guess heaven would be a mighty lonesome place, If it lacked the sight of Kolton’s smiley face.

If there were just grown folks and no little Boys, Heaven would be minus some of its ecstatic Joys.

And God sees the future with all its sin and strife, He knows the temptation that enters each and everyone’s life.

He must have decided that, that Kolton of ours, is much too dear and sweet to endure life’s hardship that all of us must meet.

There’s a corner up in heaven, where little children play. And our blessed Father watches all of them throughout the day.

They’re a happy lot, these children. Sure, the reason's very plain. For they’ve missed the world’s problems, came unscathed and without pain.

“Tis on Angel Band” they call them, and proud you should be: You are the Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters, of an Angel, 'cause our Kolton’s there you see.

Yes, smiling down upon us with an innocence sublime, waiting, watching for his Family, He will see again.

With a Faith that never falters, Kolton’s waiting with open hands, so pledge yourselves to meet our Kolton in the Better Happy Land.

With all our payers and Love, Daddy’s Little Boy, “T” we can’t wait to be together high up above. But until then we will send you up our Love.

I can’t wait until that day when it’s my turn to be on my way.

Love forever, Daddy