The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship issued a Special Local Need registration for XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology herbicide, according a department news release. The registration would require auxin-specific (dicamba) training for farmers and certified applicators using the product.

“This training requirement is specifically for farmers and applicators that will be using dicamba products and is separate and distinct from the pesticide applicator continuing instruction courses that are already in place for private, commercial, public, non-commercial applicators, and handlers,” said Mike Naig, Iowa Deputy Secretary of Agriculture.

A training program developed by Iowa State University will be offered in collaboration with the Agribusiness Association of Iowa. A listing of approved training can be found online at

The expanded requirement is based on the need to provide Iowa farmers and applicators with training about the risks associated with dicamba.

The following program topics will be included in approved auxin-specific (dicamba) training in Iowa:

  • New use pattern for dicamba-tolerant soybeans
  • Application requirements to include wind speed and direction, and use of a buffer
  • Temperature inversions
  • Changes in record-keeping requirements
  • Sprayer tank clean-out
  • Off target movement

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