To the editor:

Let's talk facts and not alternative facts. The purpose of Planned Parenthood is to provide women with cancer screening tests, birth control, SDT testing and treatment, basic preventative care, well-women care and family-planning services. Per year, these health centers provide birth control for two million people, provide four million SDT tests and treatments, over 360,000 breast exams and over 270.000 Pap tests. And yes, they do provide abortion services, which is legal and is only about three percent of their services. Many of Planned Parenthood's patients have no other accessible health care options. Many of these patients are our most vulnerable population who already face significant barriers to accessing health care. The purpose of family planning is to PREVENT the need for abortion services. Our current other medical facilities would not be able to step in and provide the same high quality medical services as Planned Parenthood does. In Iowa alone, if Planned Parenthood was defunded, this would leave tens of thousands of patients without access to these necessary medical services. Currently no federal funding is used for abortion services. I understand people's religious convictions regarding abortion. What I can't understand is denying millions of women the necessary medical care they need and deserve which does not include abortions. We need to stop this attack on women's health. I stand with Planned Parenthood.

Lissa Holloway

Retired medical provider