To the editor:

While good schools, a quality hospital, nice library, beautiful golf course and attractive outdoor aquatic center can help attract and retain families and businesses, the vitality of a downtown's core depends on it remaining a destination with a unique and interesting atmosphere.

A newly formed non-profit in Britt is named The BRITT Group. BRITT stands for Beautifying, Restoring, Investing, Today and Tomorrow. The BRITT Group is an active group of volunteers that has come together to help improve the city in a positive way. They are dedicated to community service both as a non-profit and as individuals. They realize that historic preservation is one of the most important economic revitalization and development tools to draw locals and visitors to the downtown area and to help preserve Britt's quality of life. With this in mind, the first project the organization is undertaking is to save the old 1916 bank building.

The bank building is the most visually pleasing building on Main Avenue and ties directly to Britt's banking history. If this irreplaceable building is lost to a wrecking ball a part of Britt's past will disappear forever! As a community we must work together to chart a positive course for the future of Britt's Main Avenue and help create an outcome that benefits the whole community with business expansion and retention in a vibrant downtown. Saving this special building will enhance our sense of community, help stimulate a healthy downtown and enrich the lives of current and future generations.


Connecticut Shorty,



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