To the editor:

Very positive things are happening in our downtown area including the development of R.E. Monson Veterans Park and a fundraising effort to add a 12’ x 80’ mural of Britt’s Old Main Street. In addition, several businesses have spruced up their store fronts and more are planning on doing so.

The latest significant event is our city acquiring the 1916 First State Bank building. Once this classical architectural gem is stabilized and cleared of rubble, plans can be developed for its future use. Other than needing a good face lift, the stately building maintains most of its former glory on the outside. The building is large enough to house a small business, mini mall, an inn or multiple offices and the list goes on and on.

Over and over throughout the years, I’ve heard many sad stories about the historical buildings that have been lost to us and all future generations. Unfortunately, nothing can ever bring them back; once historical buildings are lost, they’re lost forever! The old bank building ties directly to the history of banking in our community and many have fond memories of it as a key meeting place under the clock that used to hang from its south corner. Think how empty our Main Avenue would look minus this imposing building!

Our city council is making a gallant attempt to stop the destruction of one of the few architecturally significant buildings left in our downtown area. They should be commended for their efforts! Support our city’s endeavor to save the old bank building! To quote my grandmother, "It’s better late than never!"

Connecticut Shorty                                                                              Britt


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