To the editor:

I’ve owned stock in several companies that have been bought out by others. Warren Buffet bought BNSF rail. Caterpillar purchased Bucyrus Crane and Marvel comics became part of Disney. The buyers and sellers both see value in the deals and proceed. Sure the buyers paid a small premium, but in the end most were pleased. What I don’t understand is why we are not doing the same with the Corwith, Wesley, Lu Verne school district. Don’t sit back and wait for them to come to WH, make them an offer. And by an offer, I don’t mean boards getting together over lunch.

CW&L has to make a choice shortly due to declining enrollment {115 students}, much like Woden/CL did to either merge or disband. I’m tossing these ideas out.

If CW&L were to disband, WH would join with the Corwith area to become a true West Hancock school district. Luverne would go to Humboldt and Wesley to Algona. One existing district can’t do the entire CW&L district just because of travel times for students.

The new WH would build a transit station in Corwith. First off this would show the people of Corwith this is not a one way affair. Secondly it will provide town kids a warm dry place to wait for buses to arrive from rural pickup,and then be able to transfer to either a Britt or Kanawha bus. Busses also could be housed at the station instead in Britt. A simple pole building with a poured concrete storm room in the centermonitored by video cameras and key pad doors.

Sure it may be cheaper to run busses around picking up kids but we stand to gain students and millions of dollars of taxable property. We have to be willing to put something up for this gain. Corwith is giving up the pride of their own school, so let’s give them a first in the area transit station.

Honestly, Corwith could say you need us worse than we need you. In 1991 WH had 847 students; we now have 612, down 28%. Source:

Let CW&L district dispose of their old buildings. They served their purpose and it’s time to move on. I hated to see our old grade school go, but it was due. Didn’t the Kanawha district knock down their old building before joining Britt?

Several years ago Britt’s Farmer’s Coop was in dire financial shape. The boards from several other Coops around the area actively pursued Britt and presented the Britt board with plans to not only save Britt, but move it forward. The Britt board looked at the options and we now have a strong forward looking business. The people of CW&L are losing something very important to them and are looking for a plan and a vision to keep Corwith viable.

Let’s give them a plan before Algona sets the terms of the debate and make the true WH district better for all. Sitting back and waiting didn’t work with W/CL so let’s do what successful businesses do every day and aggressively talk to the people of Corwith. A rejected plan is better than no plan what-so-ever. A plan shows leadership and I feel the people of Corwith are looking for leadership.

John B. Johnson                                                                                   Britt


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