To the editor:

I was disappointed to read recently in the Britt News Tribune and the Globe Gazette that our Mayor  Marv Hillenga does not support the idea of the City purchasing the golf course. 

As a concerned citizen of Britt and one who does not golf, I understand how important the golf course is to the community for attracting people to our community. Small communities have a hard enough time offering recreational opportunities so when you have an asset such as the golf course we should do everything we can as a community to preserve it. 

One area the city has severely fallen behind in is having new residential homes available for sale. Garner to our east and Algona to our west continue to have success selling new homes but Britt continues to struggle.  This is such a concern for us that the city’s economic development arm, Britt Industrial Development Corporation (BIDCO) has made it a priority to promote new housing in our community.  Not having a viable golf course is one less asset we can boast about to potential new and existing citizens. 

Our mayor has the right to voice his opinion but resorting to name calling is really childish and hurts this community’s ability to attract new housing and ultimately new residents.  The mayor needs to understand that his job is to be a leader and supporter of this community, not a detractor. 

Britt is a wonderful community and I am glad that I chose to move here three years ago.  I believe we have a good city council who is ready to the move the city forward.  Let’s leave petty politics out of the paper and show our residents that the mayor and council can work together to improve our community.  

Eric Newton 



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