To the editor:

The most patriotic event currently happening in Britt is the building of Britt's Veterans Park. To anyone that is unaware of our new park, it's located on the corner of Main Avenue and First Street SE. One of our most outstanding citizens and a veteran himself, Jerry Christensen, can be found most days tirelessly working at the park, ensuring that everything connected with it is in its place. Currently Jerry is heading a "buy a brick" fundraiser for the park. Bricks can be purchased for veterans as well as non-veterans, even yourself. Forms can be obtained from Jerry Christensen, his wife, Arlene, or myself. A 4 x 8 brick is$50 and an 8 x 8 brick is $75.

The first brick I'm buying is for my cousin, Corporal Burnette Whitford. Burnette was POW who died April 4, 1865 in a Cahaba, Alabama Prison Hospital, three days after he was transferred there from the horrendous Confederate Andersonville Prison in Georgia. Then there will be a brick for Burnette Whitford's cousin, Private Edmond Congdon, who died Aug. 23, 1865 while in Andersonville Prison. Edmond, a healthy young man when he entered the prison, lived only six months while POW due to disease and lack of care. My cousin, Lawrence Francis Sonderman will also have a brick. He was a Technical Sergeant in the Marine Corps and served with an Air Unit aboard the USS Bunker Hill. Lawrence was killed in the South Pacific on May 11, 1945 while supporting the invasion of Okinawa. Two Japanese kamikaze planes (suicide planes) exploded on the Bunker Hill's flight deck. Lawrence was innocently on his way to take a shower when the planes hit the ship. The military buried Lawrence Sonderman somewhere in the northwest Pacific Ocean.

None of my three cousins have gravestones, but they will all have a brick in Britt's Veterans Park.

Support your veterans. Buy a brick.


Connecticut Shorty




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