Hancock County Economic Development asks that you take this time to help promote our communities as a great place to live, work and play. Let’s talk to family and friends that don’t live here about the great opportunities we have. We are the best spokespersons and know firsthand what a great place Hancock County is to live and work so spread the word!

Did you know?

The Cost of Living Index estimates the relative price levels for consumer goods and services. When applied to wages and salaries, the result is a measure of relative purchasing power. The cost of living is 15.1 percent lower in Hancock County, Iowa than the U.S. average.

Our area has a great website called www.gotjobs.work. Currently in Hancock County, we have approximately 210 jobs available. There are jobs in almost every career choice a person may be looking for. Some Careers positions available in: Marketing, Engineering, Trucking, Production, Welding, Painting, Maintenance, Agriculture, Nursing, Food Service, Construction, Sales, Healthcare and Customer Service just to name a few.

Over the next 10 years, the fastest growing occupation group in Hancock County, Iowa is expected to be Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations with a +0.9 percent year-over-year rate of growth. The strongest forecast by number of jobs over this period is expected for Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations (+44 jobs) and Personal Care and Service Occupations (+7). Over the same period, the highest replacement demand (occupation demand due to retirements and workers moving from one occupation to another) is expected in Production Occupations (2,336 jobs) and Transportation and Material Moving Occupations (867).

Manufacturing provides more jobs and higher earnings in rural areas than many other sectors, including agriculture and mining. Manufacturing is also relatively more important to the rural economy than to the urban economy.

Hancock County needs to increase, or at very least sustain, growth that will help increase tax base to help with the demand for housing, infrastructure and amenities we can all enjoy. Repaired roadways, sewer systems, park upkeep all come with a cost. Attracting businesses and people to live and spend money with our local businesses and services within our communities can lessen the tax burden for everyone. You can help…….. Do you know someone looking for a job? Someone you want to live closer to you? Let’s spread the word and promote Hancock County and Why We Live and Work in Hancock County. It is a pretty awesome place!