West Hancock is taking part in a metal fundraiser. Wilkens has graciously offered the opportunity to have containers at the Britt and Kanawha bus barn. You can drop of metal at any time. The school will use the funds throughout the year for special student projects. Please only drop off metal and no other materials. If you have an item that has a lot of metal of plastic on it please take that off before putting it in the container.

We are coming upon a legislative session again. It is time for you to let your legislators know what is important to you. We would ask that you let them know that it is important to extend the SAVE (One Cent Sales Tax) Fund. This fund helps us to buy down your property taxes each year. It also helps us make improvements to our facilities. In the future we hope to use this money to do some improvements to the high school. SAVE funds may eliminate the need to levy property taxes for this purpose. This money is already designated for schools but if the legislature follows through with what they started last year they will take all or some of the SAVE money and use it elsewhere. What is more important than your child’s education and wellbeing? Find the contact information for your legislator at https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/find

It is also important for you to encourage the legislators to provide fair SSA (Supplemental State Aid). The legislators need to get their priorities straight and start to fund schools adequately again. The less money that comes from the state the more money that comes from our property taxes. Of course property tax is all local money and SSA comes from all tax payers across Iowa. There also needs to be something done to equalize the funding formula for small districts not just urban or larger consolidated schools. Our costs per student for transportation and general education are much greater than larger districts.

Please also ask them to extend sharing incentives. West Hancock is eligible for approximately $140,000 of extra state aid because we share some leadership positons with other districts. This incentive will go away after next year unless this legislation is extended.

Thank you to the communities of Britt and Kanawha, and the employees of West Hancock. We have so much to be proud of. We can compete against any school district academically and in extra/co-curricular activities because the school district has been, and will continue to be, the focus of our communities.