Things are ramping up again at West Hancock. Maybe a better way to look at it is ramping up a little faster. I am not sure they ever slow down here.

Baseball, softball, summer rec, camps, cleaning, maintenance, state reporting, finances, securing additional funds, continuing education, summer school, alternative school, curriculum work, scheduling, hiring, educational conferences, registration, evaluations, supplies acquisition, and transportation updates plus others keep the staff busy.

Teachers were busy last year and this summer learning more about Next Generation Science Standards and how they are to be implemented in the classroom.

The district will continue to align and implement the Next Generation Science Standards during the 17-18 school year.

West Hancock has moved to a new email provider. This should have no effect on how you email us here. All email addresses remained the same.

We have been busy this summer making upgrades to the district’s facilities. Some of these changes will be noticeable and some won’t. For example a new section of roof on the middle school that cost in excess of $120,000 will probably go unnoticed to you.

A new bright white paint job in the 7th and 8th grade wing of the middle school will probably stand out. We invite you in any time to our buildings and classrooms to see where your children spend seven hours of their day, 180 days a year.

You can go to our website( and look under the school board or assessment tab to see how we are doing financially and academically.

We have had a big downturn this last year in student population and with the lack of good state funding for public education has led the board to take a look at some ways to save money and bring in new revenues.

They developed a large list this spring which has resulted in us continuing to have a very healthy financially outlook.

Lastly, our district has to go to a new Alert System.

The old system could no longer provide a consistent way to communicate quickly to our patrons. This site is not available yet, however.

We will do our best to notify everyone in the near future when you can sign up in the new system.

You will need to go to and sign up with our new system. There will also be links on our webpage to do so.

This system has many more choices for you. You can be more specific who you want to get notification from in our district down to possible activity coaches or advisors.


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