The BRITT group held three successful fundraisers this summer, a $5,000 match challenge, pie and ice cream sales during RAGBRAI and a golf ball drop raffle. These three fundraisers, along with the additional donations, gave the BRITT group the funds they needed to have the repairs done to the exterior west side (back wall) of the old bank building. Watch for repairs in mid- to late September.

The group’s current plan is to continue to raise funds to repair the exterior north wall next. Following that, the exterior east and south side of the bank will be repaired. The east and south are in remarkably good condition.

The large gray, granite bottom slabs will be tuck pointed and caulked as well as the remainder of these two sides, plus, a few other repairs. These repairs will not include windows. The windows will be replaced as a separate phase of the bank’s restoration, as well as updating the south side basement entrance and front entrance.

The BRITT group is also working to have a design developed for the interior of the bed and breakfast/hotel. Nothing can be done with the current door and window openings on the west side until a design is completed that includes where the door and window opening will be located. More will be shared with the public about interior plans in the future updates.

While all this is going on, the BRITT Group is continuing to clean debris and remove old plaster from the interior of the building.

Restoring/repurposing the old bank is an ongoing project. As with any project of this magnitude, the current plans will be updated as necessary.

In addition to helping make our Main St. more ascetically pleasing, the bed and breakfast/hotel will make a significant contribution to the local economy. Currently, anyone needing overnight, public accommodations in Britt, has to make a 20 to 50 mile round trip to/from Garner, Algona, Forest City, Clear Lake or Mason City.

The lack of public accommodations in Britt contributes directly to the economy of these cities. It’s been proven people tend to eat, shop and purchase gas in cities where they stay.

Donations to help save the old bank can be sent to THE BRITT group, PO Box 93, Britt, IA 50423, or can be given to Jim Nelson, Laurie Eden, Carolyn Dekruif, Gary Glener, Jeff Kudu, Connecticut Shorty, Garry Kerns, Skip Miller or Allen Eden. All donations are tax deductible.

Connecticut Shorty

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