Hancock County Economic Development Corp. has a governing board of 14 voting members and four advisor non-voting members. Some people ask what it is like to have 18 bosses. Personally I look at it like having 18 partners.

Currently on our board, we have a diversified group with a wealth of knowledge and expertise:

Advisory Board Members:

David Fox - HCEDC Advisory Board Member- David is the current Britt Industrial Development Group Corporation (BIDCO) board president. Dave is currently an Ag and Commercial loan officer with Farms Trust and Savings Bank in Britt.

Neil Fell - HCEDC Advisory Board Member- Retired after 38 years in the banking industry in Hampton, Mason City, Clarion, Lake Mills, and 17 years in Garner. Involved in Economic Development work since 1983, serving as President of Lake Mills and Garner Development Groups. Currently serving on the NIACC Pappajohn Advisory Board, Garner Community Betterment and Garner Main Street Boards.

David Kingland - HCEDC Advisory Board Member/Previous HCEDC Board Member. Retired Bank President and worked in commercial banking for 47 yrs., working with farmers and agribusinesses and other commercial projects from small to large enterprises. Dave sits on Boards of Directors, including venture capital funds.

As Executive Director, I see the HCEDC board as partners, mentors and keys to the overall success to Hancock County Economic Development.

I would say HCEDC has a “Passion Approach” to economic Development with our board member all having a passion for this organization.

Hancock County could not ask for a better well-rounded board to lead Hancock County to stronger economic health.