Bailee Leerar, 15, hadn't made a snowman since she was 3 years old.

But then the blizzard arrived in Britt last Thursday.

"I said it was perfect snow for a snowman," Bailee's mom Ali Leerar said. "It was perfect snow, perfect weather and there was wind."

Her daughter agreed. The two headed outside in what would be a window of perfection while the sun was still out, just before dusk and before the winds picked up to gusts of more than 40 mph that night.

The mom and daughter made Pedro the Snowman. Named for a character in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite."

"It was between Norman and Pedro," Bailee said. "I decided to go with Pedro."

He stands about 4 1/2-to-5-feet high they said.

Since this was a spur-of-the-moment idea, the pair didn't have a plan for how to make the snow figure a person.

"We were scrambling for things," Ali said.

They used the tin lids from cat food cans for the eyes.

"They stayed in perfectly," Ali said.

They did until the sun was strong enough on Friday to make one of the snowman's eyes drop and sort of cave into his face, Bailee said.

They found grapes to make a smile.

"We pulled the reflectors out of the snow that her grandpa has and used those for arms," Ali said. 

About 45 minutes to an hour passed and Bailee realized something: they were having fun.

Anyone who has, or had, a teenager in the house can relate to this quote: "I mean, normally, sometimes we don't always get along the best," Bailee said of she and her mom.

But the snowman night was different. "That was really fun. We were giggling," Bailee said.

Last week, I wrote of being weary of winter. This week I got to talk to the mom and daughter and also to a grandma who said she and her grandson got to snuggle and play games when they lost power for more than 40 hours in rural Forest City.

Winter still needs to end folks, but some mother and daughter bonding during a blizzard is a super reminder that cool stuff can happen during the midst of a storm.