Bill Broshar of Kanawha won the Harley-Davidson motorcycle in a raffle sponsored by Retrieving Freedom, and did something unexpected with that motorcycle. Broshar gave it back.

But, the story doesn't end there, Scott Dewey of Retrieving Freedom said.  Toby Keith, the final performer on May 25 at the Tree Town Music Festival in Forest City, signed the front fender of the motorcycle, Dewey said.

Keith also started the motorcycle while backstage at the  festival and declared it wasn't loud enough. That comment was followed by a donation to add new exhaust pipes to increase the sound, Dewey said.

Now, the motorcycle raffle that started as a way to raise money for Retrieving Freedom could do much more, Dewey said.

Retrieving Freedom provides military veterans with trained assistance dogs. 

Now, because Broshar decided to give back the Harley-Davidson, Dewey said the motorcycle may be used to collect more signatures from other country artists and increase the public awareness of the organization.

Broshar understands generosity. About four years ago, his son Brad died from cancer. His daughter-in-law, Steph and her sister started Hope for Brad, a fundraiser that has grown into an annual event that raises money for cancer education and DNA testing.

A golf tournament is planned for June 21 and a concert is planned for June 28 at the Hancock County Fairgrounds in Britt.

"It's very easy to give back at the same level when you are trying to raise money," Broshar said. "It was a no-brainer."

Dewey said he met Broshar through a mutual donor. The two men respect the work of their organizations. Broshar said it's common for representatives of different charities to cross paths.

And the paths crossed in a big way on May 25. 

Dewey said Retrieving Freedom could eventually sell the motorcycle at an auction to raise money or it could travel through a country music festival circuit and return to Tree Town next year.

Whatever the plan is, Dewey is confident that because of Broshar's willingness to give it back, others such as Keith and the general public will be inspired.