This week, the Hancock County District Fair gets underway, and in just a few weeks, it will be the National Hobo Convention and the Britt Draft Horse Show

Are you ready for this excitement in Hancock County?

A lot of people have spent many hours getting ready for these events. Now it’s our turn to get out and support these great county and community events.

It's easy to say there are great things to do right here in Hancock County. These are just three of them.

After attending each of these events, I’m certain you’ll be glad you did.

However, you’re not done.

You need to consider being a volunteer at one of those events or other events that have been held in Hancock County.

If you live in any of the communities, in the county, where special celebrations or events occur, maybe it is time to step up and help if you have never given it a try.

What a shame it would be to see any of these events become a thing of the past because no one volunteered.

I know exactly what it takes to organize events like these. I also know how hard it is to get dedicated volunteers to donate countless hours.

It’s tough and people are getting tired and worn out.

I have to say volunteering doesn’t just cover community events and festivals. It also includes being a volunteer at your school, day care, nursing home or library.

The options are endless.

It is interesting how many high school students don’t realize how important community service and volunteerism is when it comes to college admission.

I know of schools requiring so many hours of community service for students before they can graduate from high school. Some even offer a special colored cord, recognizing the student for their hours of community service and volunteerism at commencement.

If your high school doesn’t offer the program, it may not be a bad idea to give them a call and ask them to consider such a program.

Many colleges are beginning to get their students involved in volunteering. Fraternities and sororities take on many opportunities.

Hopefully it will be enough to continue the desire once they graduate from college. Time will tell.

However, the time is now for some new volunteers to come work alongside those who have “done their time.”

Say “Thank you” and “How can I help?”

You’ll be glad you did.


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Jim Cross, Regional Editor, Britt-News Tribune


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