KANAWHA | West Hancock seventh- and eighth-graders shared their research with the public during the recent science fair at the middle school.

This year's fair featured 75 projects. Paul Sonius, middle school science teacher, said more students than that participated, but eighth-graders were allowed to work in pairs.

The winners in each class were:

Seventh grade -- Brighton Kudej, first; Kamryn Eckels and Jackson Johnson, tied for second; and Olivia Moore, third.

Eighth grade -- Leah Aitchison, first; Scout Johanson, second; and the team of Quinn Harle and Samantha Spellins, third.

Students who received a score of 89.5 or above will advance to the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa on March 22-23 in Ames.

Those advancing to the state science fair are: Bailey Gear, Isabella Rosin, Zack Monson, Jackson Johnson, Kamryn Eckels, Brighton Kudej, Morgan Francis, Dru Hagen, Shelby Goepel, Rylan Barnes, Rhett Eisenman, Cooper Eden, Corrina King, Makenzie Erdahl, Olivia Moore, Matt Larson, Parker Hiscocks, Paige Kudej, Sydney Myers, Scout Johanson, Kennedy Kelly, Leah Aitchison, Quinn Harle and Samantha Spellins.

The students chose their own projects for the fair.

“I want them to pick something they are excited about," Sonius said.

Corrina King titled her project “Dog Drool.”

She said she learned online that dog saliva may be able to heal wounds.

She took a swab of the inside of the mouth of her dog, Lizzie, and another swab from a door handle. Both swabs were placed in a petri dish that she put in an incubator.

She watched for several days to see if the bacteria grew or died.

She said her hypothesis was correct.

“The dog drool killed the bacteria from the door handle,” she said.

More photos from the science fair can be viewed online at www.globegazette.com/brittnewstribune/