BRITT | Artwork from West Hancock students in grades K-12 will be on display at the Central Rivers Area Education Agency building through the rest of this month.

West Hancock elementary and high school art teacher Lisa Carlson and middle school art teacher Jo Eischen chose the best pieces of work their students have done so far this year for the display.

The exhibit includes drawings, masks, wire sculptures and much more.

Art teachers are given the opportunity each year to sign up to have student work displayed for one month at the AEA building in Clear Lake.

Carlson said art by West Hancock students has displayed at the AEA for the past four years.

The pieces from West Hancock are usually exhibited at the AEA later in the school year, but this time Carlson and Eischen wanted a winter display because of other exhibits and shows coming up in the spring.

As a bonus, the West Hancock display will be up for two months instead of one because the AEA is closed over the holiday break. 

"We get that extra time so more people can see it," Carlson said.