West Hancock Fall Cheerleaders

The 2017 West Hancock High School Cheerleaders (front row, from left) Shae Smith and Autumn Babcock (back row) Alexus Witham, Sydney Zamago, Tiffany Sherwood, Ryleigh Hudspeth, Adamari Barranca Row Three: Kenzie Kyhl, Chloe Lamoreux and Katey Tegtmeyer.

BRITT | One phrase comes up over and over again when talking to the fall cheerleaders at West Hancock High School -- "team atmosphere."

"I like the bonding between us," said sophomore Autumn Babcock. 

They also enjoy the atmosphere at the football games.

"Getting the crowd involved is pretty fun," said freshman Shea Smith.

"They love the jumping jacks," said Linda Sanger, cheerleading coach at West Hancock.

Every time the Eagles football team scores, the cheerleaders do a jumping jack for each point in the team's newest total score.

By the end of September West Hancock had scored more than 50 points in three separate games, which means lots of jumping jacks for the cheerleaders.

This year's fall cheerleading squad consists of 10 girls. Some of them also will serve as winter cheerleaders for basketball. 

Currently they are performance cheerleaders only, but "I actually want us to get into competition," said sophomore MacKenzie Kyhl.

The cheerleaders are active in community events, according to Sanger. 

They were volunteers for RAGBRAI, which passed through Britt this summer. 

The cheerleaders also held an omelet breakfast during Hobo Days.  

"They are a pretty energetic group," Sanger said.


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