BRITT - Customers have learned Remington Hutton can get the taxidermy project completed before his grandpa Roger can.

The word is out and, now, it’s been a boon to Remington’s taxidermy business.

“Sometimes it takes my grandpa two years to get (it done). Family and friends who know my grandpa were referred to me.

“I’ve been doing taxidermy since I was 9,” Remington, 15, said. “I turned it into a business. It started as a hobby and now it’s a business.”

Remington was at the Iowa Trappers Association Convention in Britt this past weekend. He was at the event along with his grandparents, Roger and Victoria Hutton of Hutton Valley Taxidermy in St. Charles.

Although he may complete a project in less time than his grandpa, Remington said it was his grandpa who got him started. His grandpa teaches taxidermy.

“He comes down after school and on weekends,” Roger said of his grandson. Remington will even come to the shop when Roger is teaching a class. Remington will sit in a corner and quietly do his taxidermy work.

Remington has always liked to draw and has liked animals.

Taxidermy combines both interests, he said. Remington said instead of being a veterinarian or animal trainer, he expects to have taxidermy as his career.

He’s completed a project as large as a bear, which is one of his favorite projects.

“My second favorite is an elk head,” he said. “That’s one of the biggest things I’ve done.”

“It was a little intimidating because it’s ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t want to screw it up,’” Remington said.

His grandpa was there to help when he had questions.

“It turned out really nice,” Remington said.

Remington also competes in contests at the amateur level. “Next year he will be in the professional class, “ Roger said. Roger competes at the master level.

He’s ready for more challenges, Remington said.

“I think it’s fun to think of new ideas, new ways to mount things, new poses,” Remington said. “There are so many ways to do things. I’m tired of putting a bass on a log.”

Again, grandpa is there to provide guidance.

“He gets the idea I just help him out,” Roger said.

Remington said he operates his business because he likes the work and for practical reasons.

“I like to find ways to get money. I have this truck I work on,” Remington said. “And if I want to buy something, like an iPod.”

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