BRITT | Shirley Watson, one of 15 Britt senior citizens receiving Meals on Wheels, is always glad to see a volunteer driver arrive at her home with the noon meal. 

"I like it real well because I don't have to fix it," said Watson, who used to be an EMT but can't get out much anymore. 

It's usually good food, she said.

Watson also appreciates how the drivers brave the cold and snow during the winter to deliver the meals. 

Another Meals on Wheels recipient, Henry Gremmer, said he appreciates the meals because they are nutritious and help him get "the right vitamins."

The food is prepared at the Congregate Meal site in Ventura on weekday mornings and delivered to the Evangelical Free Church in Britt.

A volunteer driver takes the meal for that day to those on the Meals on Wheels route. 

Members of churches, employees at businesses and individuals in the community take turns serving as drivers.

Lori Ostercamp is one of the members of the E-Free Church who deliver the meals. 

She said she enjoys "just feeling like I'm meeting a need and serving the Lord by helping people get food."

Most of those who receive Meals on Wheels are shut-ins. Ostercamp said the drivers might be the only people those on the route see during a given day.

"The people are so appreciative," she said. "No one ever complains."

Ostercamp said she likes talking to senior citizens. 

"There's just a lot of wisdom there," she said. 

Ostercamp said her 14-year-old daughter, Shayna, helps her deliver the meals during the summer. 

She said other volunteers also bring their children along. 

"It's a good lesson," she said. "I like to see the kids getting involved."

More volunteer drivers are needed to fill all the days, according to Ostercamp. 

Meals are delivered each weekday except on holidays. 

The E-Free Church, located at 810 Second Ave. N.W., also serves as the Congregate Meals site for Britt. Meals are served beginning at 11:20 a.m. Monday through Friday.

Since both Congregate Meals and Meals on Wheels in Britt are administrated by the Elderbridge Agency on Aging, the meals are the same for both.

Attendance at Congregate Meals in Britt has dwindled over the years. 

Only one woman currently comes to the E-Free church and eats with site manager Matt Dallman.

He hopes more people who are able to do so will come to Congregate Meals.

Dallman said it's good for them to come "so people get out and socialize and don't have to be stuck at home all the time."

The total cost of preparing a meal, whether it's eaten at the church or delivered, is $6.25 a plate. 

Pricing guidelines from Elderbridge say anyone age 60 or older, as well as his or her spouse and any dependents with disabilities, may contribute what they feel is fair and affordable for them. 

For those diners with an annual income below $21,256, a contribution of $3.50 to $5.50 is suggested per meal.

The suggested price for those with an income of $21,256 or more is $6.25.

Those under age 60, regardless of income level, must pay a flat fee of $6.25 to the site manager. 

To make reservations for Congregate Meals or inquire about Meals on Wheels, call the E-Free Church at 641-843-3861 or Dallman at 641-843-8380.