GARNER | The Hancock County Board of Supervisors is considering additional security upgrades at the courthouse.

Shaun Hackman, county safety coordinator and assistant engineer, led the discussion Monday, Jan. 15, presenting the safety committee’s recommendation to purchase and install additional cameras throughout the courthouse and install an electronic door-locking system for the interior doors, similar to the courthouse’s exterior doors. The upgrades are estimated to cost $36,000, according to a 2016 quote.

“It’s safe to say we’re looking into it again,” said Supervisor Sis Greiman, who also sits on the safety committee.

The safety committee, which meets weekly, was established in 2016 after Hancock County joined Iowa Communities Assurance Pool, or ICAP, a group insurance program for Iowa public entities, to address safety concerns for its employees and the public.

In October 2016, the safety committee recommended security upgrades estimated at $102,000, including the two presented Monday. In 2017, the county board approved updating the courthouse’s eight exterior doors with electronic-locking systems for about $50,000, Greiman said.

Hackman said the committee would like to be “proactive instead of reactive” by moving forward with the security upgrades not completed last year.

Those are installing cameras throughout the courthouse and an electronic-locking system on the building’s nearly 20 interior doors, where entry would require a key fob.

Greiman said the county board set aside $20,000 for building improvements in fiscal year 2018.

Hackman said, if the upgrades are done in phases, he’d like to see the interior door-locking system completed first followed by the installation of cameras.

“We’ve been lucky so far that nothing has happened, but you never,” Greiman said.

Greiman and Hackman said some committee members and county employees, aren’t in favor of the electronic-locking system because of the key-fob requirement.

The county board didn’t decide Monday whether it’d move forward with the security upgrades, but instead, asked Hackman to get updated quotes for the two items.

The upgrades will likely be discussed at an upcoming county board meeting.

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