BRITT | Jim Thompson, of Britt, believes residents of a small town have a responsibility to make it better.

And he’s doing his part.

“I wanted to do something to enhance the living in Britt,” he said.

Recently, Thompson completed construction of a new single-story multi-family property on First Street Northeast after breaking ground in 2016.

The property features two, two-bedroom houses connected solely by their two-stall garages. Each house features, a spacious master bedroom and bathroom, kitchen, dining room, auxiliary bedroom and bathroom as well as an unfinished basement.

They also contain composite decks, landscaping and a privacy fence.

“There’s some difference, but if people looked at one and looked at the other one, they would say there’s no difference,” Thompson said.

The primary difference between the two units is the additional square footage in Unit A, which is nearly 1,700 square feet, because of the sunroom and office. Unit B is 1,430 square feet without the additional space.

Thompson said he designed the homes, which feature 36-inch wide doors and zero-entry, to accommodate a variety of individuals.

“It’s for people look at Britt and say, 'I think it’s a good community' or for people who are retiring off a farm or a job and like Britt and want to live here," he said.

That was also considered with the location, as well, because it’s within walking distance from Main Avenue and the hospital.

“People don’t want to do away with cars, but have to be able to walk if they can,” Thompson said.

Eric Newton, president and CEO at First State Bank in Britt, loaned Anderson the money for the project, and he said it’s “a nice project” that addresses a need in the city.

“Housing is terribly tight in Hancock County,” he said. “There’s very low unemployment, but yet it’s tough building new construction.”

Renee Diemer, owner of Diemer Realty in Britt, who is selling the property, said there aren’t a lot of new-builds in the city.

“That’s why this is a big deal,” she said.

Unit A is on the market for $269,000 and Unit B is being sold for $235,000.

“We hope that we’ve done a good job of building a quality home at a quality price that is acceptable to the public,” Thompson said.

Diemer Realty will host an open house for the two houses in mid-September, but for more information, call Renee Diemer at 641-843-4000.

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