BRITT | A group of 4-H members from Britt built a miniature town out of Legos to demonstrate how water comes into the community and is distributed.

Thanks to a computer program the children created, "the Legos can move themselves," said Hayden Kelly, 7.

The young 4-H members, who call themselves Team Lego, went to Garner on Nov. 19 for a FIRST LEGO League event. Teams from Forest City, Garner and Algona also participated in the event. 

Older 4-H members got the chance to practice for upcoming regional tournaments.

Children in grades K-3, who are part of FIRST LEGO League Junior, demonstrated what they learned through the Aqua Adventures challenge.

Through Aqua Adventures, kids learn where the water they use in their daily life comes from, and what happens on its way to them. 

Each team had to include at least one motorized part in the Lego model they built to demonstrate what they learned about water. 

It's a way for kids to learn basic engineering and programming concepts.

Team Lego created a program that runs a motorized pump that moves little blue circles, which represent water, into a water tower. 

Pipes go to each of the Lego buildings the kids constructed.

Team Lego met every Tuesday school beginning in early October, as well as a few Saturdays, Their coaches are Katie Johnson and Christy Marchand.

Johnson said this is the first year for Team Lego, so they decided to go to only one FIRST LEGO League event.

"They had fun," she said.

Team member Eli Marchand, 7, said what he likes best about working with Legos is "you can anything with them." 

Other members of Team Lego are Brody Johnson, Ryker Haugland and Lane Johnson.