Thank You! Czech Connection Branch WO51 (formerly Catholic Workmen) would like to sincerely thank the many people who supported our 34th Annual Winterfest at the Duncan Community Ballroom. It was another great success! To Chairpersons, Eric and Kimberly Malek, thank you for providing us with a well-organized and enjoyable evening. We appreciate everyone that helped with this event, either in setup, clean up or working at Winterfest. To Dick Formanek, raffle chairman, and the numerous other salespersons - great job done. To those who purchased raffle and/or meal tickets, we hope you will have an opportunity to see the improvements we have been able to make possible because of your support. $2500 Brad Siefert $1000 Agnes Thul $750 Dean Hrubes $500 Rob Graham $250 Tiffani Keckler $100 Winners: Brian Hiscocks, Mike Bahnsen, Sue Whitehurst, Sherry Miller, Dave Eisenman, Ed Schroeder, Jesslyn Prohaska, Colleen Lodin, Morgan Paca, Barb Reicks, Bonnie Wilhite, Adam Upmeyer, Leah Johnson, Cynthia Wichert, Tim Prohaska, Gene Wolf, Robyn Huegenich, FC Ford, Emily Gile, Mitch Horstman, Marty Bachman, Joe Schmidt, Ron Hrubes, Nathan Carper, Partitions Plus $50 Winners: Roger Kopacek, Adam Sandhurst, Levi Quayle, Ellen Tusha, Chet Eisenman, Nate Frederickson, Darin Carlson, Anna Zrostlik, Chet Plonski, Randy Olsen, Michelle Eisenman, Tom Formanek, Remington Jorgensen, Don Schleusner, Roger Underwood, Don Weiland, Doug Lemke, Lincoln Glascock, Maddie Hammett, Chloe Grimm A special thank you to Dean Hrubes, Tim Prohaska, FC Ford, Levi Quayle, Roger Underwood and Don Weiland for donating back to the Duncan Community Ballroom for improvements! Hope to see you next year!

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