Details for RENTALS

Tractor and Implement Inc. 3787 Red Ball Road, Osage, IA Phone (641) 732-5044 RENTALS Loader ** Skid Skid loader * Skid loader Attachments attachments attachments attachments * Post Hole Augers * Post Hole Augers Hole Augers * Post Hole Augers 9”, 12”, 18”, 24” 9”,9”, 12” , 18” 12”, 18” 12”, 18”, 24” * Concrete Breaker ** Broom Grapple Fork 66” * Concrete Breaker * Broom Breaker ** Trencher Concrete Master * Grade Concrete Master ** Electric Broom Breaker TreedSpade Spade * Tree ** Wacker Grade Master Vibro Plate Trencher * Trencher Wacker Rammer ** Tree Spade ***Pallet Trencher PalletForks Forks ***Rock Pallet Forks RockBucket Bucket * Harley Rake *Grapple Harley Rake Rock Bucket Harley Rake *** Bucket Tree Shears Harley Rake *Skid TreeLoader Shears *** Grapple Bucket *** Telescopic Tree *Gehl SkidShears loader * Skid loader Fork Lift Gehlloader Telescopic **Skid Gehl Telescopic * *60’ Man Fork LiftLift * Gehl Telescopic ForkExcavator Lift * Mini *Tables MiniLift Excavator Fork ** & Chairs Mini Excavator ***Party Tent 20x40’ Mini Excavator Tables & Chairs

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