Please contact your local electric cooperative/utility if you plan to build a grain bin in the vicinity of an electric
distribution line or electric transmission line.
Dairyland Power Cooperative owns and operates transmission lines in Northeastern Iowa, which provide electrical
energy to local rural electric cooperatives and municipalities. Those transmission lines are operated at voltages that
greatly exceed local distribution and service lines that may be located on your property. Dairyland will provide assistance
in planning the placement of the grain bin near our transmission line to provide a safe environment for everyone working
and living around grain bins.
The State of lowa requires specific clearances for electric lines around grain bins, with different standards for those
filled by portable and permanent augers, conveyors and elevators. The drawings show specific clearances required for
each scenario.
Clearance Envelope for Grain Bins Filled by Permanently Installed
Augers, Conveyors, or Elevators
Source: American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C2-2017 “National Electrical Safety Code,” Rule F-234-4(a),
Page 138
P = probe clearance 5.5 m (18 ft) required by
Rule 234F1a
H = horizontal clearance 4.6 m (15 ft) required by
Rule 234F1b
T = transition clearance
V1 = vertical clearance above a building
required by Rule 234C
(Table 234-1)
V2 = vertical clearance
required by Rule 232B
(Table 232-1 or 232-2)

Figure 234-4(a)—Clearance envelope for grain bins filled by permanently
installed augers, conveyors, or elevators
Clearance Envelope for Grain Bins Filled by Portable Augers,
Conveyors, or Elevators
Source: American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C2-2017 “National Electrical Safety Code,”
Rule F-234-4(b), Page 139

B = Height of highest filling or
probing port on grain bin
A = B + 5.5 m (18 ft)
0 = Variable horizontal


In the area of sloped clearance, the
vertical clearance is reduced by
300 mm (1 ft) for each additional
450 mm (15 ft) of horizontal distance
from the grain bin.

Figure 234-4(b)-Clearance envelope for grain bins filled by portable augers,
conveyors, or elevators
According to the Iowa Electric Safety Code found in Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 199 - 25.2(3)b., your local
electric utility may refuse to provide electric service to any grain bin built near an existing electric line which does not
provide the clearances required by The American National Standards Institutes (ANSI)C2-2012 “National Electrical
Safety Code,” Rule 234F. This Paragraph “b” shall apply only to grain bins loaded by portable augers, conveyors or
elevators built after September 9, 1992, or to grain bins loaded by permanently installed augers, conveyors or elevator
systems installed after December 24, 1997. (As adopted by the Iowa Utilities Board)
Dairyland Power Cooperative is required by the Iowa Utilities Board to provide this annual notice to farmers,
farm lenders, grain bin merchants, and city and county zoning officials. If you have any questions concerning
clearance regulations, please call our Real Estate and Right of Way Department, Monday through Friday, from
8 am to 4 pm, at 608-788-4000. You may also write to us at the following address: DAIRYLAND POWER COOPERATIVE,
Attn: Real Estate Dept., 3200 East Avenue South, P.O. Box 817, La Crosse, WI 54602-0817.


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