Details for FEB 26 MTG CLAIMS

I. Call to Order by Chairperson President Rick Sletten called the regular meeting of the Directors of the Osage Community School District to order at 6:30 pm in Room 160 on Monday, February 26, 2018. Board members present were: Director Brenda Johanns, Director Laura Potter, Director Angela Nasstrom, Director Todd Frein, Superintendent Barb Schwamman, Board Secretary Helen Burrington, and Tim Hejhal, Jay Marley, Greg Adams, and Mike Henson. II. Reading of the OCSD Mission Statement by Vice-President Potter Vice-President Potter read the OCSD mission statement. III. Approval of Agenda Action Director Nasstrom moved to approve the agenda. Director Johanns seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. IV. Welcome Visitors: Public Comment Action President Sletten welcomed visitors. V. Comments by Board Members and Superintendent • Director Potter, CRC- Sawyer Drive will be opened up. There will be a splash pad going up in City Park. • Director Frein, OEF- visited Mrs. Gast’s classroom for three different classes, including composition. The OEF grants are due March 1. • Director Sletten attended the supervisors’ budget meeting and he reported that the budget has been reduced. • Student representative Johanns reported from the students’ meetings. She said that students feel that communication between students is good. Students feel that project based learning is not being used as well as it could be. They would also like to see different offerings in hot lunch. Eighteen new students will be in the March group. VI. Consideration of Consent Agenda Action a. Approval of Board Minutes Exhibit b. Approval of Financial Reports Exhibit c. Approval of Bills Exhibit d. Approval of Resignations Name Position Serena Staudt Lincoln Teacher Asst. e. Approval of Personnel Name Position TA transfer to Lincoln position Open Enrollment Request Date Effective 02/15/2018 Step Amount Barb Baer Parent Name Ramon & Sara Kuntz Josh & Abby Quinn Kenford & Katherine Simon Jake & Janet Larrison Christina Dreier Start Date 03/08/2018 Grade Level 5 K District St. Ansgar Charles City District TO Osage Osage Yes Yes Yes K Osage Charles City Yes K 1, 2 Riceville Riceville Osage Yes Osage Yes Riceville, Cresco, or Yes Ted & Jen Fox 5, 8 Osage New Hampton Director Frein moved to approve the consent agenda. Director Potter seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. VII. Open Public Forum / Receive Visitors None VIII. Spotlight on Education Computer Science students MS and HS Mrs. Molitor, Mr. Kyhl, MS Computer Science Discoveries students, and HS AP Computer Science students presented the projects that they are working on with coding. Projects shared included different websites, apps, programs, and games. IX. Recognitions & Achievements 1) On Saturday, Feb 11, all 5-8 band students performed a solo for a judge. We had a very good day and all our students should be commended. The students earned a total of 97 superior ratings, 14 excellent ratings and 6 good ratings. 2) The following students earned Outstanding Awards a) 5th Grade: Joe Chisholm, Ava Hennessey, Henry Mauser, Ashley Muhs, and Brady Nicholson FEBRUARY 2017 PREPAIDS Fund: 10 OPERATING FUND IOWA SCHOOLS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS ASSOCIATION NOREADINK CORP OSAGE COMMUNITY SCHOOL/JULIE MARLEY - WELLNESS PITNEY BOWES NIACC Fund: 22 MANAGEMENT FUND IOWA SCHOOLS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS ASSOCIATION INSURANCE 124,882.16 HS/MS SUPPLIES 2,325.00 WELLNESS 616.05 POSTAGE 2,000.00 SCHOLARSHIP 500.00 Fund Total: 130,323.21 INSURANCE 9,967.30 Fund Total: 9,967.30 Fund: 36 PHYSICAL PLANT & EQUIPMENT SCHUKEI CHEVROLET INC VEHICLE 42,341.50 Fund Total: 42,341.50 Fund: 61 SCHOOL NUTRITION FUND IOWA SCHOOLS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS INSURANCE 6,115.09 ASSOCIATION OSAGE COMMUNITY SCHOOL/JULIE WELLNESS 44.40 MARLEY - WELLNESS Fund Total: 6,159.49 Fund: 21 STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND BLUMHARDT, WAYDE OFFICIAL 100.00 CICCETTI, DAVID OFFICIAL 100.00 CLARK, KYLE OFFICIAL 100.00 CROZIER, MIKE OFFICIAL 100.00 DUANE RUSTAD OFFICIAL 70.00 HENN, BRADY OFFICIAL 70.00 HUNGERFORD, ROD OFFICIAL 70.00 IOWA HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC HS ATHLETIC 160.00 ASSOCIATION SUPPLIES JOHANNS, JOSH OFFICIAL 70.00 KOHAGEN, CHAD OFFICIAL 140.00 MATT BETHKE OFFICIAL 170.00 MEINDERS, DAVID OFFICIAL 100.00 NEE, DAVID OFFICIAL 100.00 NELSON, AARON OFFICIAL 70.00 PAPPAS, NICHOLAS OFFICIAL 70.00 PEARCE, BRIAN OFFICIAL 100.00 SULLIVAN, THOMAS OFFICIAL 70.00 SUNTKEN, CHRIS OFFICIAL 100.00 WANGSNESS, DAVE OFFICIAL 100.00 Fund Total: 1,860.00 Fund: 10 OPERATING FUND HAACKE, CHRIS HS 50.00 CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES SPAHN & ROSE LUMBER CO BUILDING 162.05 REPAIR MARCO TECHNOLOGIES LLC SPEC ED SUPPLIES 738.00 AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES LIBRARY BOOKS 722.40 Fund Total: 1,672.45 Fund: 36 PHYSICAL PLANT & EQUIPMENT MARCO TECHNOLOGIES LLC COPIERS 429.09 Fund Total: 429.09 Fund: 10 OPERATING FUND CENTURYLINK REPAIR & MAINT 118.77 IOWA DIVISION OF LABOR SERVICES BULDG MAINT 20.00 IOWA SCHOOLS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS INSURANCE 126,820.45 ASSOCIATION JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL REPAIR & MAINT 11.64 OSAGE COMMUNITY SCHOOL/JULIE WELLNESS 616.05 MARLEY - WELLNESS OSAGE MUNICIPAL UTILITIES UTILITIES 14,633.56 Fund Total: 142,220.47 Fund: 22 MANAGEMENT FUND IOWA SCHOOLS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS INSURANCE 9,967.30 ASSOCIATION Fund Total: 9,967.30 Fund: 36 PHYSICAL PLANT & EQUIPMENT MARCO, INC. COPIER 516.50 Fund Total: 516.50 Fund: 61 SCHOOL NUTRITION FUND IOWA SCHOOLS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS INSURANCE 6,115.09 ASSOCIATION b) 6th Grade: Darren Adams, Eleanor Alonzo, Cael Ham, Jake Miller, Tristan Mork, and Ian Schwarting c) 7th Grade: Katelyn Johnston, Sydney Muller, and Alexa Thyer d) 8th Grade: Mathew Johnson, Joseph Potter, Loreal Scott, and Kaebree 1) Girls Basketball a) Completed the regular season 21-0, winning the cross over TIC game against North Union and the overall conference Championship. b) All Conference Team i) Rylie Olson and Gabby Schwarting - 1st Team ii) Madi Johnson and Brenna Jacobs - 2nd Team iii) Mia Knudsen - Honorable Mention c) All District Team - Rylie Olson d) Girls made it to the Substate final before dropping their only contest of the year to a tough Monticello group. Team finished 23-1 e) Rylie Olson set the school record for steals f) Gabby Schwarting signed to play basketball at Wartburg 2) Boys Basketball a) Finished in 3rd place in the conference just 1 game behind MC Newman and Rockford b) Lost to a tough GHV squad in Regionals c) All Conference Team i) Drew Olson - 1st Team and All Conference Player of the Year ii) Nate Bushbaum and Lucas Schwamman - 2nd team iii) Colin Klapperich - Honorable Mention d) Drew Olson became the school’s all time leader in points scored and steals in a career. He also finished his career 3rd in assists 3) Wrestling a) Team finishes 6-1 and tied for 1st in the Conference. b) 6 wrestlers qualified for the state tournament (Averee Abben, Joe Sullivan, Joey Jacobs, Brody Roll, Spencer Mooberry and Zach Williams) c) Zach Williams finished 5th in the State at 160 lbs. 4) Coaches vs Cancer night went well with $405 raised on January 26th, 2018 1) Our OHS Speech team received Six - “division 1 ratings” and three – “division 2 ratings” at District Speech Contest. Two of these groups also received “All-State Honors” a) The following groups received a division 1 rating: i) Group Improv: Macy Ott, Seth Phillips, Jenna Plotzke (ALL-STATE) Savannah Williams, Corin Johanns, Erica Nasstrom, ii) Ensemble Acting Seth Phillips & Hailey Gentz (ALL-STATE) iii) Radio Broadcasting: Zach Duren, Chase Halbach, Rafe Miller iv) Short Film: Macy Ott, Hailey Gentz, Zach Duren v) Group Mime: Desiree Chanel, Claire Sullivan, Gillian Johanns 1) The following groups received a division 2 rating: i) Group Improv: Chase Halbach & Mitchell Christensen ii) Choral Reading: Desiree Chanel, Joan Grimm, Gillian Johanns, Corin Johanns, Claire Sullivan vi) JV Short Film: Gwen Voaklander, Emily Maliszewski, Grace Mallory, Jillian Butner, Kiersten Panovec Director Johanns moved to approve the recognitions and achievements. Director Potter seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. X. Old Business 1. CRC Rental Director Potter moved to approve renting the CRC for band and chorus use during the building project at $100 a day. Director Nasstrom seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. 2. Building Projects Superintendent Schwamman presented an update to the board. Communications will be coming home about construction and implications to entries and building access. XI. New Business 1. Computer Science Requirement Principal Hejhal presented information on adding a computer science requirement. Director Potter moved to approve adding a computer science course requirement. Director Nasstrom seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. 2. Franchise Agreement Iowa Big Director Frein moved to approve the Franchise Agreement with Iowa Big. Director Johanns OSAGE COMMUNITY SCHOOL/JULIE MARLEY - WELLNESS Fund: 21 STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND DECA INC IOWA GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC UNION IOWA HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OSAGE COMMUNITY SCHOOL, JULIE MARLEY IOWA DECA WAVERLY SHELL ROCK SCHOOL FEBUARY 2018 PAYABLES Fund: 61 SCHOOL NUTRITION FUND AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY CO. GOODWIN TUCKER GROUP J & K CONSTRUCTION KECK INC KWIK TRIP INC MARTIN BROS DIST CO PAN-O-GOLD CO PEPSI-COLA RANDY’S NEIGHBORHOOD MARKET REINHART FOODSERVICE LLC Fund: 21 STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY ANDERSON ERICKSON BOUNDLESS NETWORK BROOKLYN PUBLISHERS LLC CARDMEMBER SERVICE DOHLMAN, MICHELLE FRANK RIEMAN MUSIC, INC GOODALE, DEBBIE IOWA HIGH SCHOOL SPEECH ASSOCIATION MARTIN BROS DIST CO MITCHELL CO EXTENSION MOSTEK, JEREMY NATIONAL FFA ORGANIZATION NORCOSTCO PEPSI-COLA RANDY’S NEIGHBORHOOD MARKET RUDD-ROCKFORD-MARBLE ROCK CSD SUNNY BRAE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB TEAM FITZ GRAPHICS Fund: 10 OPERATING FUND ADAMS PLUMBING AND HEATING INC. AGVANTAGE FS., INC. AHLERS & COONEY P.C. AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES WELLNESS 44.40 BARTHOLMEY, NATHAN Fund Total: 6,159.49 HS DECA CONF 760.00 HS ATHLETIC 3,726.00 SUPPLIES HS ATHLETIC 2,124.00 SUPPLIES HS ATHLETIC 945.00 TRAVEL DECA TRAVEL 2,471.00 HS ATHLETIC FEE 80.00 Fund Total: 10,106.00 NUTRITION 190.27 SUPPLIES NUTRITION FOOD 4,184.84 NUTRITION 1,064.22 SUPPLIES NUTRITION 39.57 SUPPLIES NUTRITION FOOD 968.03 NUTRITION FOOD 109.44 NUTRITION FOOD 11,908.03 NUTRITION FOOD 291.61 NUTRITION FOOD 201.44 NUTRITION FOOD 59.20 NUTRITION FOOD 1,463.71 Fund Total: 20,480.36 HS ATHLETIC 153.00 SUPPLIES HS STUDENT 91.99 COUNCIL SUPP HS FFA 237.37 SUPPLIES HS DRAMA 321.50 SUPPLIES SUPPLIES 719.49 HS ATHLETIC 35.88 SUPPLIES HS BAND 275.72 SUPPLIES HS ATHLETIC 46.00 TRAVEL HS SPEECH 201.00 ENTRY FEE MS STUDENT 49.50 COUNCIL SUPPLIES HS FFA 876.80 SUPPLIES HS WRESTLING 79.52 TRAVEL HS FFA 1,342.20 SUPPLIES HS DRAMA 99.30 SUPPLIES HS CONCESSION 876.60 SUPPLIES HS SUPPLIES 439.23 HS ATHLETIC 50.00 ENTRY FEE HS ATHLETIC 1,820.00 SUPPLIES HS ATHLETIC 1,485.00 EQUIPMENT Fund Total: 9,200.10 REPAIR & MAINT 11.64 GASOLINE & 5,381.98 DIESEL LEGAL COSTS 308.00 MS MATH 651.36 SUPPLIES seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. 3. Softball Dugout Quote This item was tabled to next month. 4. Approve Advertising for Positions Shared Curriculum director Osage/Riceville Computer Science Teacher Special Ed Teacher Director Johanns moved to advertise for the positions. Director Potter seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously. XII. Administration Reports a. Greg Adams, Lincoln Elementary Principal We have made the decision that preschool teachers will inform parents of recommendations for kindergarten or K-Prep. At this time, we will have parents that may request or decline the recommendations. We will go through this list and prioritize the KPrep class based upon needs due to a large number of requests. This is different since in the past three years, the K-Prep class was available based upon needs and parent requests. Kindergarten Roundup will not be held since the student observations and sills typically assessed at Kindergarten Roundup occur on a daily basis in preschool and with our GOLD assessments. We will still hold a Kindergarten Parent Night in August. Much of the paperwork will be shared through JMC or at registration. The Osage Education Foundation grant applications are available to get extra funding for classrooms. P/T Conferences were well attended. We were able to use the online scheduling feature again and it worked well. Title I Parent Night was held in conjunctions with P-T conferences, increasing the attendance for this meeting b. Jay Marley, Middle School Principal On Tuesday, Feb. 13th, the 5th grade Project Fair was held in the Middle School cafeteria where the 5th grade students presented their project from 5:00 - 6:30 pm. The 5th grade had a Valentine’s Day lunch at the Legion on Feb. 14th. Parents and staff helped organize the event. It was a great event for students to learn about the history of Valentine’s, dinner etiquette, and proper behavior. The first week of February we had another PRIDE ticket turn in offering some NEW and fun prizes. We are continually trying to keep the Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) as a fun and exciting thing for our students. We had a staff bake sale during Parent-Teacher Conferences to raise money for purchasing the PBIS rewards for our students. c. Tim Hejhal, High School Principal HS/MS are continuing to work on the HS/MS schedule for the next school year. Michelle Dohlman and Tracie Kofoot attended a Marine Educator Camp in San Diego, CA last week. This was an all-expense paid camp where they received hands on training on what new recruits experience. The committee of HS/MS Staff members has made some recommendations for improvements to Green Time. Staff are continuing their preparation for May Term. d. Michael Henson, Athletic Director Athletic events will resume the end of month. Sport banquets will be held in the next few weeks. There will be more college signings coming up. Next year’s football schedule will hopefully be out by the end of the week. Twenty-five students competed at state DECA and seven students qualified for international DECA and three students received honorable mention. e. Barb Schwamman, Superintendent The draft of the 2018-2019 school calendar was shared with the board. All three Mitchell County schools will meet four times for professional development next year. The crisis committee continues to meet to discuss and develop procedures. Superintendent Schwamman met with Senator Brown and discussed legislative matters, including SSA, ESA and the transportation bill. Marc Mero, a national bullying expert, will be presenting to all Mitchell county students on March 26 and to parents at 6 pm that same evening. Superintendent Schwamman attended state wrestling and will attend state basketball as an IHSAA board member. XIII. Announcements / Important Dates The public hearing for the 2018-2019 school calendar will be March 19 at 5:30 pm. The next board meeting will be March 19 at 5:30 pm. XI. Adjourn Regular Board Meeting President Sletten adjourned the meeting at 8:15 pm. _________________________ _________________________ Rick Sletten, President Helen Burrington, Board Secretary SPEC ED 100.00 SUPPLIES BATTERIES PLUS #577 TECH SUPPLIES 315.00 BELMOND-KLEMME COMMUNITY SCHOOL SPEC ED 4,705.27 DISTRICT BILLING BETTS, MARY TRANSPORATION 28.64 TRAVEL BLUE TARP FINANCIAL INC REPAIR & MAINT 441.69 BREES TIRE SERVICE TRANSPORATION 1,878.06 TIRES BUERCKLEY, HOWARD TRANSPORTATION 22.02 TRAVEL BUERCKLEY, MABLE TRANSPORATION 40.43 TRAVEL CAM COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT OE TUITION 3,451.58 CARDMEMBER SERVICE SUPPLIES 939.43 CAROLINA BIO SUPPLY HS SCIENCE 36.62 SUPPLIES CASEY’S GENERAL STORES INC GASOLINE 181.83 CENTRAL IOWA DISTRIBUTING REPAIR & MAINT 236.72 CENTRAL RIVERS AREA EDUCATION SUPT/HS 250.41 AGENCY SUPPLIES CENTRAL SPRINGS COMMUNITY SCHOOL SPEC ED 9,845.44 TUITION CENTURYLINK REPAIR & MAINT 105.29 CHAMPION OF CHOICES INC SUPT SUPPLIES 2,250.00 CHANNING BETE CO., INC. HS SUPPLIES 241.89 CHARLES CITY COMM SCHOOL SPEC ED 14,923.92 TUITION CLARK, WHITNEY SPEC ED TRAVEL 171.13 COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING COMPANY REPAIR & MAINT 755.00 CONTINENTAL CLAY COMPANY HS ART 920.65 SUPPLIES CRESCENT ELECTRIC REPAIR & MAINT 18.37 CULLIGAN MASON CITY WELLNESS 261.55 SUPPLIES DALCO CUSTODIAN 1,462.68 SUPPLIES DHS CASHIER 1ST. FL. MEDICAID 1,043.77 REFUND DOLLAR GENERAL LINCOLN 16.95 SPEC PROJ DOORS INC. BUILDING 44.71 REPAIR ENERGY ASSOCIATION OF IOWA SCHOOLS BUILDING MAINT 455.00 FARM & HOME PUBLISHERS, LTD SUPT SUPPLIES 845.00 FLOYD-MITCHELL-CHICKASAW SOLID GARBAGE 285.75 WASTE DISPOSAL FRANK RIEMAN MUSIC, INC HS BAND 250.12 SUPPLIES GLOBE-GAZETTE BOOK FAIR 90.00 SUPPLIES GRANT WOOD AEA TECH SERVICES 200.00 GREAT POTENTIAL PRESS, INC TAG SUPPLIES 296.45 GREIN, LARRY GASOLINE 20.00 GROWING TREE PRESCHOOL PRESCHOOL 3,413.78 PURCH SERVICE INTERACTIVE HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES, HS PE SUPPLIES 5,039.00 LLC INTERSTATE MOTOR TRUCKS, INC TRANSPORTATION 395.78 REPAIR PARTS IOWA ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL BOARDS SUPT CONF 900.00 IOWA BUSINESS EDUCATION PROF 260.00 ASSOCIATION FALL CONFERENCE DEVELOPMENT CONF IOWA COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK INTERNET 103.89 IOWA LAKES COMMUNITY COLLEGE SPEC ED 6,625.25 TUITION IOWA SCHOOL FINANCE INFORMATION BACKGROND 294.00 SERVICE CHECKS J.W. PEPPER & SON INC MS VOCAL MUSIC 273.07 SUPPLIES JOSTENS HS SUPPLIES 479.01 LARSONS HARDWARE HANK TRANSPORATION 787.44 SUPPLIES LOGAN, MATT M&D ENTERPRISE DBA HOLT SERVICES MARK’S PLUMBING PARTS MARTIN BROS DIST CO MITCHELL COUNTY REGIONAL, HEALTH CENTER NICHOLSON TOWING & REPAIR, LLC NORTH IOWA MEDIA GROUP OLSEN IMPLEMENT INC OSAGE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OSAGE COOP ELEVATOR OSAGE KIWANIS OVERHEAD DOOR CO OF MASON CITY PAPER CORPORATION, THE PIANOMAN PRODUCTS CO POLLARD PEST CONTROL CO PREMIER FURNITURE & EQUIPMENT PRIMARY SYSTEMS WATERLOO PYRAMID SCHOOL PRODUCTS QUILL CORPORATION RANDY’S NEIGHBORHOOD MARKET ROFFMAN BAND INSTRUMENT SERVICE SCHARPER SERVICES SCHOLASTIC READING CLUB SCHOOL BUS SALES CO SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC SCHOOLSYSTEMS, LLC SCHUKEI CHEVROLET INC SCHWAMMAN, BARB SHIFFLER EQUIPMENT SALES, INC. SHOARS, JOSIE STEBENS CHILDREN THEATRE WEBER AUTO PARTS INC WEBER, RAEGAN WEST MUSIC Fund: 22 MANAGEMENT FUND HEARD INSURANCE Fund: 33 LOCAL OPTION SALES TAX DEAN SNYDER CONSTRUCTION CO WWA ARCHITECTS HS PEPSI 331.75 SUPPLIES GARBAGE 1,250.00 DISPOSAL REPAIR & MAINT 49.52 HS PEPSI 469.19 SUPPLIES TRANSPORTATION 128.00 DRUG TESTING TRANSPORATION 490.00 TIRES BOARD 564.55 PUBLICATIONS REPAIR & MAINT 87.45 SUPT DUES 200.00 GROUNDS MAINT 60.00 SUPT DUES 75.00 TRANSPORTATION 115.00 SUPPLIES PAPER 2,757.68 REPAIR & MAINT 237.00 PEST CONTROL 88.00 HS FURNITURE 4,398.31 REPAIR & MAINT 238.59 SPEC ED 126.04 SUPPLIES HS SUPPLIES 94.59 MS FCS 435.68 SUPPLIES REPAIR & MAINT 56.25 SNOW REMOVAL 1,989.21 BOOK FAIR 100.50 SUPPLIES TRANSPORATION 525.21 SUPPLIES MS ART 95.28 SUPPLIES TECH SUPPLIES 450.00 TRANSPORTATION 333.00 REPAIR PARTS SUPT TRAVEL 462.24 EQUIPMENT 72.74 REPAIR PATROL 10.00 LINCOLN 881.90 SPECIAL PROJECTS SUPPLIES TRANSPORTATION 3,331.55 REPAIR PARTS PATROL 10.00 HS VOCAL MUSIC 37.25 SUPPLIES Fund Total: 92,607.05 INSURANCE 234.00 Fund Total: 234.00 CONST MANAGER 24,806.40 ARCHITECT FEES 52,181.13 Fund Total: 76,987.53 Fund: 36 PHYSICAL PLANT & EQUIPMENT HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC HVAC 2,926.63 KOLBET REALTORS TRUST ACCT ALT SCHOOL 750.00 RENT MARCO TECHNOLOGIES LLC COPIERS 2,204.36 RJG PROPERTIES LLC PARKING LOT 300.00 RENT Fund Total: 6,180.99 Fund: 81 PRIVATE PURPOSE TRUST FUNDS IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY RAUB 1,000.00 SCHOLARHSIP Fund Total: 1,000.00

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